Description: The Rapid Intervention Crew Operations course trains firefighters to rescue a downed firefighter in an immediately dangerous to life and health (IDLH) environment in the continuing effort to reduce the number of firefighter injuries and deaths that occur regularly.  Tragedies suffered by fellow firefighters from departments across the country are the basis for the training evolutions and scenarios.  The 24 hour course focuses on the three phases of a RIC operation: 

1) Predeployment

2) Deployment

3) Rescue

During the class, you will also gain a greater understanding of RIC operations terminology and the RIC mindset. It is a 24-hour class delivered in a three-day format. You must effectively complete the class in its entirety to receive a course completion certificate.   

Prerequisites:  Fire Fighter I training, Fire Fighter Survival or IAFF course Fire Ground Survival.

Note: Students will be required to bring their own Structural PPE.  Helmets, gloves, boots will be required.  Sunscreen if needed.  Lunch will not be provided.